Can you afford a pet?

Can’t emphasize this enough

Pinoy Dog Mom

imgp0463When a cute puppy runs to you with a wagging tail, a happy smile, and eyes that say “take me, I’m yours”, it is very hard to say no.

Pets make delightful companions, dispensing affection and unconditional love. All over the world, people share their homes with an animal companion — usually dogs and cats — and many say that the love an animal companion makes all the adjustments they needed to make worthwhile.

Those adjustments include money. Caring for an animal comes with a lot of responsibilities, including the financial aspect. Pets are living things, and therefore, their needs last for their entire lifetime, about 10-15 years. Whether you’re getting an expensive dog with the most stunning pedigree or a mongrel you rescued from the streets, a live animal will have the same requirements: food, health care, housing, grooming, and affection.

Owning a pet is one of life’s greatest…

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